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【当日券販売のお知らせ】5月22日(水) THREE1989 "KISS" RELEASE TOUR After Party-Traveling Circus- @中目黒solfa

前売り予約はSOLD OUTとなっておりましたが、皆様より多くのお問合せを頂いた為、数量限定で当日券を販売いたします!




販売時間:5/22 18:30(ご予約のお客様の入場後、当日券の受付を開始します)










~about sale of a same-day ticket~

sold hour:5/22 18:30 ※Only someone who line up to get a same-day ticket till18:30.

number of ticket:20 ※On that day ,numbered ticket will be issued on the first-come-first-served basis.

price:2,500yen (include 2 drinks)

◆basic precaution

※The sale of the same-day ticket may be closed without notice.

※We may not be able to answer by phone or email.

※Depending on the crowed situation, it may be difficult to see the stage.

※The venue has changed since the beginning. Please be careful.

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