EWP in the Home

昨年、THREE1989のツアーに連動した連続リリース企画 "Every Week is a Party " が再始動!!!  第一弾は4月17日(金)に配信予定!!!  "今" 届けたい音楽をあなたに。 そしてTHREE1989の音楽が毎週末の楽しみになりますように。  Stay Home but Don't Forget Dancing!!!

Last year, the consecutive release plan ”Every Week is a Party” linked to the tour of THREE1989 has been restarted!  The 1st will be released on Friday, April 17!!  ”NOW” we want to deliver the music to you. And I hope the music of THE 1989 will be a pleasure every weekend.  Stay Home but Don't Forget Dancing!!!


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